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Best Online Mahjong

Mahjong is a game that is comprised of a series of different tiles. It has 144 titles, with each of them having symbols that depict different Chinese characters. There are different versions of the game where they may have a different number of tiles, and some additional ones have been added. There are other variations where they are different numbers of players that participate. It has become a very popular online game offered by many of the casinos that have platforms on the web. To compare it to another game would mean comparing it to the game of rummy.

The Basics of How to Play

When playing the casino version of this game, the rules provided by each online casino may differ. Usually, the game is comprised of four players. A minimum of 136 tiles will be used, although often, it is 144 tiles. This set of tiles is then broken down into three categories, which are suits along with the honor tiles, and the third group is the bonus tiles. Who is going to deal is determined by the role of a set of dice. Then the dealer will deal thirteen tiles to each of the players. Prior to this, the tiles are laid face down on the table and shuffled.

Playing Different Versions

How to play will depend on which version of the game of Mahjong is being played. Although tiles are the traditional version, it can be played with cards too. When playing the game in a casino setting where it can be played for money, there will be different rules and regulations. The basics are that a match will be played, which consists of four rounds. The objective of the game is for the player to get a winning hand, which is comprised of fourteen tiles. In addition to this, the play has to score a set number of points, which is determined by the casino.

How to Bet on Mahjong

There will be different options for placing bets on the game of Mahjong, depending on the casino offering the game. If a player gets Mahjong, then they win. The bet is placed when the game is about to begin. There will then be 16 rounds if a full game is being played. A bet is placed for each round, which can stay the same or be changed. The amount that is going to be bet is determined by the bettors' choice at the start of the game. Who ends up winning and losing is determined at the end of the game.

Tips for Enjoying Mahjong

As with any game that is played the first priority is that the objective for playing the game is for the fun of it. Winning is nice but it should not be the only reason that one is participating in the game. Before betting on the game the first thing should be to learn the basics of the game. Then following this playing some free games to get some experience. Just watching the game that involves betting will help a new player to gain a better understanding. Starting with low bets is better until the player becomes more familiar with the betting system and the rules of the game.

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