June 25, 2024

Dive Into the Retro Charm of 13Units: A Mahjong-Themed Café in JB

Key Takeaways:

  • Unique Dining Experience: Immerse yourself in a mahjong-themed café, offering both a visual feast and edible delights shaped like mahjong tiles.
  • Authentic Hong Kong Vibes: 13Units recreates the nostalgic atmosphere of a Hong Kong street, serving up classic cha chaan teng-style fare.
  • More Than Just Food: Beyond the innovative menu, the café sells mahjong-themed merchandise, turning dining into a holistic cultural experience.

Tucked away in JB (Johor Bahru) is a café that’s not just a feast for the tastebuds but a visual spectacle for anyone with a soft spot for nostalgia and a love for mahjong. 13Units is a two-story haven that marries the love for this classic game with the aromatic allure of Hong Kong-style cuisine, all set against a backdrop that’ll whisk you away to the bustling streets of Hong Kong.

Dive Into the Retro Charm of 13Units: A Mahjong-Themed Café in JB

Imagine sipping on a cup of tea, but not just any tea—a novel milk tea crowned with edible mahjong tile-shaped ice "cubes." Yes, you read that right! At 13Units, not only can you dine atop authentic mahjong tables, brimming with tiles beneath a glass surface, but you can also literally eat mahjong—well, at least in the form of creatively crafted ice. And for those who love a little souvenir, each cold drink order comes with a complimentary mini mahjong tile, a cute keepsake to remember your visit by.

But the mahjong-themed quirks don't stop there. The menu is dotted with drinks marked by a mahjong tile icon, signaling an accompanying free mini tile. It’s these thoughtful touches that elevate the dining experience, blending in the fun of mahjong with the joy of dining.

13Units doesn’t just play up the mahjong theme in its décor and special ice cubes; it extends to a diverse menu that reads like a love letter to Hong Kong’s cha chaan tengs. From the comforting Luncheon Egg Rice (RM15.80) to the savory Signature Nissin Noodle (from RM11.80), each dish is a nod to the simplicity and heartiness of Hong Kong cuisine. Not to be missed are the Tomato Soup Macaroni, Triple Fortune Egg Rice, and the Steam Glutinous Chicken Rice, each priced to bring a piece of Hong Kong to your table without breaking the bank.

And it doesn't end with the food. The café houses a retail store where the mahjong theme continues, with merchandise ranging from shirts and slippers to earrings, drinkware, and even Rubik’s cubes, all echoing the mahjong motif. It’s a great spot to find a unique gift or a personal memento of your visit.

Located at Danga Utama in JB, merely 20 minutes from the checkpoint, 13Units stands out as a must-visit for both locals and travelers. There’s also a smaller outpost at Nusa Sentral, offering a similar vibe about 25 minutes away from the checkpoint. Whether you’re a mahjong enthusiast, a lover of Hong Kong culture, or simply in search of a dining experience that’s out of the ordinary, 13Units promises an unforgettable visit, blending the worlds of food, fun, and nostalgia in one delightful setting.

(First reported by: Enthusiast Blog, Date)

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