May 30, 2024

Four Brookhaven Friends Offer Classes for the Classic Tile Game

Key Takeaways

Four Brookhaven Friends Offer Classes for the Classic Tile Game
  • Mahjong Social ATL, founded by four women in Brookhaven, offers popular mahjong classes.
  • Lessons include a comprehensive package with custom materials and a National Mah Jongg League card.
  • Classes fill up quickly, highlighting the game's resurgence and the community's growing interest.

In the heart of Brookhaven, a fascinating revival is happening. The classic tile game mahjong, known for its distinctive hunter-green tiles and vibrant Chinese characters, is experiencing a renaissance. At the center of this revival are Bethany Smith, Molly Levinson, Valerie Parente, and Melissa Mitchell. Together, they form Mahjong Social ATL, a burgeoning mahjong instruction and accessories company that's quickly becoming a local sensation.

Since its inception in early 2024, Mahjong Social ATL has captured the imagination and interest of the Atlanta community, thanks to a blend of engaging instruction, high-quality accessories, and a welcoming atmosphere that turns beginners into enthusiasts. The company's foundation is built on the friendship and shared passion of its founders. Smith, along with Levinson, Parente, and Mitchell—who are also her neighbors—have created more than just a business; they've sparked a community.

Mahjong Social ATL offers a variety of classes catered to different skill levels. For those new to the game, Mahjong 101 serves as the perfect introduction. Priced at $100, this three-hour session not only covers the basics but also immerses students in the game's rich culture and strategies. The class boasts a favorable 4-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio, ensuring personalized attention. Participants also receive a custom rule and tips book, a National Mah Jongg League card for standardized play, and the added bonus of light refreshments, making for a delightful and educational experience.

For those who already have a grasp of the game but wish to refine their skills, Mahjong 102 and guided play sessions offer the perfect opportunity. These classes cater to more seasoned players, allowing them to strengthen their strategies and pose questions to the instructors in a supportive environment.

The popularity of Mahjong Social ATL's classes is a testament to the game's enduring charm and the company's innovative approach to instruction. Classes fill up swiftly, and the team often finds themselves booked for private parties, signaling a robust demand for mahjong in the Atlanta area.

Smith encapsulates the spirit of Mahjong Social ATL with her enthusiastic outlook, "Truly, there’s plenty of mahjong to go around! The more people there are playing, the better it is for everyone." This sentiment is echoed by the community's warm reception and the growing interest in their classes.

To stay updated on upcoming classes, new merchandise, and more, follow Mahjong Social ATL on Instagram at @mahjongsocialtl. Whether you're a novice eager to learn or an experienced player looking to connect with fellow enthusiasts, Mahjong Social ATL offers an inviting gateway into the world of mahjong, fostering a vibrant community around this classic game.

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