May 5, 2024

Mahjong Soul Kan!!: A Stellar Dive into the World of Animated Mahjong

Key Takeaways:

Mahjong Soul Kan!!: A Stellar Dive into the World of Animated Mahjong
  • Mahjong Soul Kan!!, an anime based on the popular video game Mahjong Soul, unveils new trailer and theme song.
  • The series will air episodes on Thursdays at 10:00pm JST starting April 25, 2024, on its official YouTube channel.
  • The official theme song, “Kankan Hime-hime,” features performances by the characters' voice actors.

A Glimpse into Mahjong Soul Kan!!

Mahjong Soul Kan!!, the anticipated web anime adaptation of the Mahjong Soul video game, has just dropped a slew of exciting updates for fans worldwide. From a fresh trailer that promises high stakes and heart-pounding mahjong matches to the unveiling of its official theme song and streaming details, this series is gearing up to be a must-watch.

Scheduled to premiere on April 25, 2024, episodes will be released weekly on Thursdays at 10:00pm JST. Fans can catch all the action on the anime's official YouTube channel, ensuring global accessibility.

Musical Beats to Match the Tiles

The series' official theme song, titled “Kankan Hime-hime,” brings the characters to life through the voices of their talented voice actors. Ichihime, Miki Nikaido, Kaguyahime, and Yui Yagi, voiced by Maaya Uchida, Chiwa Saito, Mariya Ise, and Ami Koshimizu respectively, lend their voices to this catchy tune, adding an extra layer of charm and personality to the anime.

Behind the Scenes

The creative force behind Mahjong Soul Kan!! is led by Kazuomi Koga, who takes the helm as the director, with Alke animation studio and additional production by Yostar. The character designs, crafted by Ayumi Kurokawa, are brought to life with music by Hinako Tsubakiyama, setting the tone for thrilling mahjong battles and heartfelt moments.

What to Expect

Following the success of 2022's "Mahjong Soul Pon☆", Mahjong Soul Kan!! is set to continue the legacy with a fresh storyline and engaging character dynamics. Fans of the game and newcomers alike can look forward to immersing themselves in a world where strategy, skill, and a bit of luck determine the victors.

Engage with Us

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(First reported by: Anime News Network, Date)

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