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Online Mahjong strategy

Mahjong is an intriguing Chinese tile game that continues to gain popularity worldwide. Although it can appear overwhelming to first-time players, the game becomes straightforward once a gamer masters the right strategies to play. There are different versions of mahjong. However, most variants center around 136 to 144 tiles and a die. These tiles are divided into three peculiar categories, suits, bonus tiles, and honor tiles.

The ultimate goal of mahjong is to construct a winning hand using 14 tiles. This winning hand is either a set of four, three, or two tiles that score the lowest number of pre-determined points. Here are some basic strategies that wagers can employ.

Pay Closer Attention to Discards

When playing mahjong, a player needs to keep tabs on what others are trying to collect. There are three crucial things that a gambler needs to watch from a rival’s hand. Such things include discards, exposures, and the tiles that a rival player never played. Gamers ought to look out mostly for players located on their right. Such a player is the only one capable of chowing. As the mahjong game progresses towards the end, players should be careful of what they discard. Avoid discarding tiles when the number of tiles in the wall gets low.

Understand the Scoring Elements

For a player to be a formidable force in the mahjong game, they have to study and understand the different scoring elements. Understanding these scoring features doesn’t require memorization. Instead, it comes from playing with different players and grasping the general patterns they undertake. Find out the patterns that score the most or the fewest points, and also what constitutes a winning hand. It’s always a good idea to deduce the best combination early, then shoot for them. As the game continues, change your original tactics to prevent skillful players from reading and analyzing your hand.

Avoid Melding too Quickly

A mistake that most beginner players make is melding too quickly in the game. The thought is that when a wager is close to mahjong, she/he has to chow or pung. However, such a move can be counteractive. A player is likely to be left with intricate tiles to match later on if he had chowed and punged early. Early exposure of tiles earlier on also enables rivals to read your game and subsequently adjust how they play. It’s advisable to pass up tiles when the game is still fresh to maintain flexibility toward the end.

Never Allow Another Player to Win Easily

Although the ultimate goal is to win the mahjong game, a wiser strategy is that of frustrating opponents. This technique comes in handy in situations where a gamer faces skilled mahjong foes. Always shun from feeding high-scoring hands. A dangerous gamer is one who melds thrice in one suit. Exert lots of caution when feeding such players. The best strategy is quickly adopting a defensive mentality. Furthermore, Points lost rather than points gained are the one that determines the fate of a player. When playing, stick to the primary mahjong strategy, “a player can never win by throwing winning tiles to the opponent."


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