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Maximise Your Mahjong Winnings

There are several adjustments and improvements both beginners and advanced players should make to improve their game. Often, novices find themselves diving head first to collect as many sets of tiles as possible especially the Kongs, Pungs, and Chows. However, this is not a wise plan of action and eventually leads to setbacks. Playing the hand that has been dealt applies to the game just like in other games of cards but it is good to get the most out of tiles. Learn how to improve the odds and prevent opponents from winning. A master plan for playing Mahjong entails a combination of tips explained here-under.

Wise Players Never Separate Their Tiles

Arranging the tiles accordingly is a vital step. It can be tempting to separate the tiles in a manner that shows how close the tiles are to forming a complete hand. But this is a counter-intuitive approach as it could give the opponent vital clues like if they are about to be defeated. Regrouping the tiles into Kongs, Pungs, and Chows lets another player know that a complete hand is about to be formed by their opponent hence they up their game to prevent a potential win. However, the same scheme can be used to send the wrong signals to the rival.

Keeping Count of the Tiles

It is imperative to maintain the right number of tiles because a player can pose a challenge that their fellow contestant has too few or too many tiles. Hanging on to flowers is key during the Charleston because most Mahjong hands will need flower tiles. But revealing too much of the hand is detrimental. Picking discarded tiles is only possible when there is a complete hand of Kong, Pung, or Chow. So whenever the hand is revealed too much, information leaks and the rival starts to predict what tiles the other player is about to pick or discard. Then they start tailoring their decision depending on the opponent’s move.

Clean Discarding

When a player discards a tile, the opponent across or to the left may call for a kan or pon before the opponent to the right draws a tile. Discarding should be done in a manner that allows other players to see the discarded tile at the same time. Left-handed players must be extremely careful not to block the kamicha from viewing the discards. While there are numerous ways to discard cleanly, the easiest involves putting the discarded tile upright before there’s a pile and allowing it to fall. It may not be the fanciest thing to do but it makes sure that all players get to see the discard tile with clarity.

Point Declarations

Every player must memorize how the hands sore. This should start at tenpai as it would be too late to count the fu and han of the hand after winning. So, before winning, every player ought to consider how much their hand will be worth by ron and tsumo. With experience, these calculations become a breeze and it is easier to tell to what extent the value of the hand is increasing. When playing with someone who doesn’t know how to declare points, it is good to give them some time after winning. Helping them to get used to declaring points helps the game to run smoothly.


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