September 29, 2021

EDIT Mahjong: The New Face of Mahjong Set

Edit Mahjong is an innovative product that aims to address issues related to climate change through gaming and the fashion industry. The set was made through joint efforts from EDITECTURE and EDIT THE BRAND. In making the new Mahjong set, the team used off-cuts and other bio-degradable materials. Upon completion, the set comprised 28% fabric waste. In other words, 30 Kg of fabric waste found new use when coming up with EDIT Mahjong. The completed art piece had a space in one of Hong Kong’s art installations under the title “An Ode to Mahjong.”

EDIT Mahjong: The New Face of Mahjong Set

A New Use for Fashion Waste

According to research, the global fashion industry produces over 92 million tonnes of waste annually. EDITECTURE says that Hong Kong alone collects over 110,000 of fabric waste each year. In addition, there are more effects on the environment caused by high water consumption and CO2 emissions from the factories that make garments. In this regard, the design studio, together with EDIT THE BRAND, came up with an alternative way of using the fabric off-cuts.

The Making of Edit Mahjong

When making Edit Mahjong, the designers gathered fabric rejected for different reasons like pattern cutting and failing to meet quality standards. Next, the fabric got sorted according to color and aesthetic. In the end, the fabric would affect the look and feel of different Mahjong pieces.

The team then shredded down the fabric to enable mixing with 100% biodegradable materials. Finally, the mixture was molded into unique Mahjong pieces. In total, the project caused upcycling of 30 KG of waste which would otherwise end up in landfills.

An Ode to Mahjong

The Edit Mahjong set was only one part of the DIY project done by EDITECTURE and EDIT THE BRAND. The complete project comprised other items used in Mahjong, such as a table and chairs where players meet to play the game.

“An Ode to Mahjong” installation was displayed in Hong Kong. Part of the reason for this was to pay tribute to the ancient game. The one-of-a-kind work of art signifies the social aspect of Mahjong. In ancient Chinese, the culture of coming together to play the game and have a friendly chat was passed down from one generation to the next.

The artwork also seeks to recognize artisans who dedicated their lives to keep the Mahjong culture alive. According to EDITECTURE, technology seems to have pushed traditional Mahjong tile sculptors into retirement. With the advent of digital online games, modern communities have little use for physical Mahjong tiles.


The Edit Mahjong set does an excellent job of keeping the Mahjong culture alive. In addition, the use of waste materials to make such a remarkable work of art is something you don’t see every day. Hopefully, this “An Ode to Mahjong” inspires other artists to come together and create more DIY projects to raise public awareness of issues like climate change. As you can see from the EDIT Mahjong project, ideas are present in every area of our lives.

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