October 6, 2021

Original Mahjong Sets: A Taste of the Game’s Rich History

Mahjong is an ancient game that is very important to Chinese culture. Inviting a friend to your home for a game of Mahjong proved how much you valued the friendship. Due to the deep roots of the game, modern Mahjong enthusiasts try to maintain its relevance by retaining most of the aspects of the original game.

Original Mahjong Sets: A Taste of the Game’s Rich History

Recently, there was uproar on the internet when a group of white ladies introduced a luxury set of Mahjong named “The Mahjong Line.” The cheapest set in their line was $325, while exclusive sets like the “Cheeky Line” and “Botanical Line” retailed for more than $400.

Simply put, such preposterous prizes are to rip you off. We agree with enthusiasts that Mahjong should not be commercialized. In this regard, we have compiled brief descriptions of pocket-friendly Mahjong sets that are a true representation of the game’s rich history.

Mahjong Set on Perl River with Two Options

This Mahjong Set is listed for sale on Pearl River, the first Chinese-American department in the world. Buyers choose between two Mahjong sets; The “Western set,” which has numbered tiles, and the “Asian Set” with Chinese symbols. All tiles measure 1 1/8 by 1.5 by x 7/8 inches allowing them to fit snugly in the brown packaging box provided when purchasing the set.

Personalized Gift Mahjong Set on Etsy

Buyers interested in gifting their friends and family can opt for this custom-made Mahjong set on Etsy. You can pick one of the eight patterns that best match the recipient’s occasion. They include “Happy Birthday,” “Happy Graduation,” Happy Anniversary,” Mr. and Mrs.” and more. The seller also allows you to enter four digits to be hand-carved into the tiles.

Koi Fish Mahjong Set with Wooden Case

When you buy this Mahjong set on Yellow Mountain Imports, you get 166 tiles with a watercolour koi motif that symbolizes good luck, abundance, and perseverance. Additionally, you get a well-made wooden box that includes accessories like wooden racks, acrylic pushers, scoring coins, dice, wind indicator, and an instruction manual.

Multi-colour Chinese Mahjong Set with Portable Box

The iconic Mahjong pieces are handcrafted and inscribed with numbers and Chinese symbols. Players from any region can play using the pieces with ease. The set contains 144 pieces with green, blue, purple, white, and pink colour choices. According to the description on Etsy, it is perfect for both beginner and professional Mahjong players.

Artisan-Made Wooden Mahjong Set on Verve Culture

Verve Culture lists this unique Mahjong set for sale. All the wooden pieces and packaging boxes are made by hand. The seller includes easy-to-read instructions and has s brief history of the game on the site.

Hand-Made Wooden Mahjong Set on Novica

Made by Waraporn Khamsuk, this set of Mahjong comes in a beautiful wooden box and includes Chinese symbols on the face of the 144 Mahjong pieces. The set is made in Thailand and shipped to any location in America once you place an order.

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