July 28, 2021

Top Online Mahjong Software Developers

Table games never fail to be a popular choice for many online casino players, whether they are beginners or advanced gamblers. Mahjong is one such game. Originating in China, the popularity of this tile-based game has spread to different parts of the world.

Top Online Mahjong Software Developers

A mahjong game is traditionally a social game. Many people usually play mahjong with friends and family, sometimes with real money. Nearly always, players have fun, socialize, catch up, or bond while manipulating their mahjong tiles.

Online mahjong can also involve multiple players, though there are solitaire versions for those who would like to learn how to play mahjong or familiarize themselves with mahjong rules, or simply to play alone.

Whether playing for free or for real money, players can enjoy online casinos' mahjong games developed by some of the biggest names in the iGaming industry.


Online casinos that are powered by Playtech feature many of this prolific developer's Internet-based games. And when it comes to mahjong, Playtech has several of offerings. A couple of examples:

WMF Solo Mahjong

The mahjong rules and structure of this single-player game follow those of the World Mahjong Federation (WMF). The game is suitable for beginners, who can practice using the free play option. If they would like to start playing for real money, they can adjust the stake levels to values they feel most comfortable with.

The long-term expected payout percentage of this online mahjong game is 95.48%. Also, players can win any of the game's six winning payouts of different sizes.

Japanese Solo Mahjong

Playtech created this mahjong variation specifically for online casinos. Another beginner-friendly game, it has low stakes. It may not offer huge payouts; instead, it tends to provide a steady flow of lower-value winning payouts.


One of the pioneers of the online casino software industry, Microgaming is renowned for its innovative creations. One example is Mahjong Exchange. Microgaming transformed Mahjong into a game of chance that's reminiscent of roulette, where players wager on which 34 Mahjong tiles will be chosen in any given round.

Features of the game include:

  • Various bets that can be placed at different payouts and odds
  • A house edge of 2.94%
  • An RTP of 97.06%
  • Re-bet option allowing players to repeat their previous bets

Mahjong Logic

Established inn 2009, Mahjong Logic operates out of offices in Sweden and the Isle of Man and offers a complete catalog of online Mahjong gaming content. Over the years, the company has partnered with a number of online gambling operators, such as BetVictor and Betluck, to bring Mahjong to an even wider audience worldwide.

Mahjong Logic's game platform includes Chinese Classic, Chinese Official (MCR), Shenzhen, Riichi, and Hong Kong rule sets. Players can choose from practice play Mahjong tables and real money games. They can also select from several Mahjong game types, which include:

  • Full Game Mahjong
  • East Only
  • Single Hand
  • Multi Table Tournaments

There are many more Mahjong game variations that players can explore and enjoy, not only from online casinos in China—the land of Mahjong's birth—but also those that cater to gamblers from different regions of the world. Whether playing on desktop computers or mobile devices, Mahjong enthusiasts can expect a top-notch gaming experience from the online casino industry's top software developers.

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